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Pierre Gasser was born in Kiel, north Germany on July 13th under the star sign of cancer. By the age of 7 he already discovered his great love for both music and electronics.

They provided an escape into his own fascinating world of sound onto island of contentment away from the cold rejection of his surroundings. He studied ballet and the recorder. Music was his favorite subject in school, which was a great source of inspiration.

After his family moved from northern Germany to the city of Ulm in the southwest, his uncles sent him various musical instruments including an accordion. While he had a fine time exploring the keys, he could not get much out of the bass buttons, which led him in a new direction.  When his sister got an electronic organ for Christmas, she was not thrilled with it and turned it over to Pierre. He began to compose on it and plunged into the world of musical styles that became his great passion. He often spent his afternoons in music stores trying out the big professional keyboards. Later he got a two manual electronic organ at home and taught himself to play both the upper manual and the bass pedals. Taking organ lessons at a music school refined his technique.  He created variations of current hit songs which his step father claimed made the originals unrecognizable.

At age 16 he severely injured his leg in a motorcycle accident and was confined to a hospital bed for several weeks. At this time he opened his spirit and soul to the secrets of the universe and spirituality. His remarkable empathy made it possible for him to receive loving support and good advice from his fellows during difficult periods of his life.

When the limits of the electronic organ at home could not keep up with his expanding musical abilities, he got a “Wersi” organ building kit and in just a single week put it together and had his own “orchestra” at his disposal. When his demands exceeded that instrument’s abilities, he got an “Ensoniq” keyboard with an especially warm tone which he used as a solo voice in addition to his organ.

By age 18, he was a disc jockey in dance halls, large discos and at special events where he was often mobbed by his adoring fans as a dazzling entertainer. During his service in the German Air Force he put together a band from members of his squadron which performed at different events and celebrations.

Pierre's career led him to electronics for many years but he never lost sight of his passion for music. He developed his voice with singing lessons.

The experience with his audience as a disc jockey experience benefitted Pierre as a musician.

He appeared with great success as a keyboardist and vocalist as a One Man Band, duo, trio and larger band formations in radio and TV shows as well as at various events (concerts, dance music, festivals, galas, balls, corporate events, private parties such as weddings.)

As a member of an eight-piece band, he sang with German pop and folk music concerts in major hotels in the U.S. and on a CD, which he helped produce.

In all his activities, he offered the highest quality musical and variety of entertainment which guaranteed a successful event. On request, he loosened the mood of the audience through animation, dance and organized games, which promoted their cohesion and but loosened up the mood of the groups.

His repertoire includes numerous pieces of music of all styles, which plays by heart without notes.

Pierre has also made ​​a very good name as a sound engineer because he brings out the best of every piece with his technical understanding and a keen sense of how music should sound. As a guest at a concert of a well known German pop stars, he stepped in and saved the show after the equipment had failed.

In recent years Pierre has achieved his long cherished dream of creating his own music studio. He is constantly expanding and improving it so he can capture his musical ideas faster and more efficiently. He researches the internet to get the latest know-how and choose the best available equipment.

He sees himself as an interpreter between his emotions and the music he composes. He is guided by his deepest feelings without conscious consideration. He arranges a new composition in his head and goes directly to his keyboard and keeps the original concept as he arranges it for different instruments. When you listen, you can hardly believe that this fine, soothing music flowed from him so easily that the final arrangement is very close to his first inspiration. He charms and thrills his audience through his music which touches their hearts and souls.  People who enjoy his unpublished compositions are emotionally touched and delighted.

2011 - Dez  He founded his own label Pierre Gasser Music and publishing house.
2012 - July He received his 1st “Golden CD Award” by his 1st published song “Angekommen”

From his large body of compositions, Pierre has chosen a song called CHRISTMAS TIME, in memory of his best Christmas present, the electronic organ, for his first CD.  The music world is eagerly awaiting his next releases.

2013 - 05 North America Music Tour. Here is a report about the ECHO GERMANICA

2013-09  “HEISSER ALS DIE SONNE”  (hotter as the sun) a German party pop song.



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